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I'm outta here (June 3,6)

Well, today I said good-bye and toodles to Hawaii. My mana is in the shit-cana.

I had my preferred window seat, 42nd row, right-hand side of the plane. I watched as we passed over the edge of where the ocean meets the land, the lights of all the beachfront humanity shining...

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Presented by the Ironical Chronicle (or was it the Ironic Chronic) (January 9,6)

The Ironic Chronic gives the award for the best book title to... the envelope please...
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A Seussian Extended Limerick (November 22,5)

There once was a boy from New Haven
Who only had what his dad gave him

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Dangerous Zealots vs. Dangerous Zealots (September 11,5)

It's our religious zealots against their religious zealots. Ours have bigger guns and have killed at least 10 times more...
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Interesting Perspective from the Superdome (September 11,5)

A letter to family and friends from a New Orleans Health Department Paramedic...
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Truth is Stranger than FEMA (September 27,5)

Truth is stranger than Brownie's spin on, um, truth.
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Garrison Keillor tears an asshole a new asshole (September 21,5)

His career was based on creating low expectations and then meeting them, but Katrina brought a cold blast of reality.
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Harold Pinter's 2005 Nobel Prize acceptance speech (December 14,5)

Speaking about US foreign policy, Pinter reminds us that the truth is a curse for wretched men.
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